How to Keep Up with Changing Styles
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Professional stylist Susan Bigsby offers advice on how to stay in touch with the changes of style as well as the changes in you.


Hello! On behalf of, I am a professional stylist, Susan Bigsby with Let us talk a little bit about changing styles of today. We are combining things and ways we never done before. It is even a little challenging for me as a professional stylist. But when you get in your closet and you see what you own and you see what you have, definitely get rid of the pieces that are not working for you anymore, get rid of the things that are not fitting you anymore and reanalyze and re- access the thing that you own and the things that you have and the things that are complimentary to you. It is really about complimenting your assets. If your clothes are not complimenting you assets, they are not working for you. It’s essential that you have the essentials in you closet. You need the basics. You need updated classics that are going to work for you in different ways. So, do not be afraid to combine things in a new way. Always mindful of your figure, of your needs of practicality of what works for your lifestyle and what really makes you happy and comfortable in your daily needs and daily requirement. It can be very frustrating not to own the things that you need when you get ready to get dressed everyday. I think it has a lot to do with organization and being prepared. I can not tell you enough about being prepared. So, if you do not own those things, make a list of the things that you do need to shop for and acquire and incorporate them in your wardrobe so that you are always prepared and efficient. On behalf of I am Susan Bigsby. Thanks for watching.