How to Introduce your Daughter to Make-up
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Is it about that time in your daughter’s life when she starts to think about wearing makeup? If so, join us as we discuss the best way to go about this important time in a young girl’s life. From reasons to what kinds of makeup to suggest, we cover many topics to help you get through this, leaving both you and your daughter with a smile.


Audra Lowe: Going back to school time also means that some young girls are itch on to wear the makeup. You remember what that was like but before buying products, make sure that you talk first and ask why she wants the makeup. Mary Jo Rapini is a psycho-therapist and she is here to offer some advice. Mary Jo Rapini: Parents that come to my office, and they are very concerned about their nine years old wanting to look like they are 16/17 and a lot of it has to do with makeup. And so I usually tell this moms, listen this is great opportunity for you. What you can do is you can use this as a bonding experience and firstly you want to talk to your child about why she wants to wear makeup. What is she hoping to achieve with it? And if she says things like I want to be more popular, or someone teases me, because of my acne or the way my skin looks, then that's a great time for mom to come in and say, you know what, I used to have these concerns when I was at your age, let's go see a dermatologist because they can teach us both; better skin care, and we can learn how to take care of our skin so you are skin, by the time you are 18, won't be damaged like mine was. Audra Lowe: Rapini also suggest treating your daughter with a trip to the makeup couter of professional, will find out what works, they can also ensure how to apply it correctly.