How to Install Ubuntu 7.04 - "Feisty Fawn"
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Tech advice and tips: in this video, you will learn how to install Ubuntu 7.04 - "Feisty Fawn".


Welcome to PCWizKid’s Tech Talk. I’m going to start a new series relating to the Ubuntu operating system. So we are going to start today with the installation. In order to get the Ubuntu operating system which is free, go to the Ubuntu website.\getubuntu from there, you’ll be able to select the download option and get the CD image. From there, create and install boot CD from that image and then boot up your system with that set up CD. It’ll then show you a wizard in install wizard screen that you can go step by step. It’s pretty basic, straight forward. I found it fairly easy. Select in your time zone and then select you keyboard lay out for example. Its few basic, very straight forward functions. Eventually you’ll get to the option that asks about your partition, your disk space, how you want to manage that. Since you’re probably going to have either an operating system on there or maybe you want to install it fresh from scratch, you have the options to choose whether to guide it or manual selection of your partition. I have Windows, so I choose the manual option. From the manual option then it detects the partitions and then you select which partition you’re going to install Ubuntu on. If you don’t have any other operating systems, then that’s fine and you just have a specific partition, you can choose, I already have one already, so I just selected that and I just selected that, and then continued to the set up screens. Now it asks me to plan a user name and password that will be used every time I log into the operating system. So I put in the user and the password of my choice, that is the administrator password, the root ID that the super user basically that will be used from now on in Ubuntu. Once I finished the set up wizard to install it, I’ll just take out the CD and restart the computer. And that’s it. That was pretty simple and straight forward to install Ubuntu. I was pleased with that. Hassle free. Once you reboot it, I put in my PCWizKid user ID and password and I’d logged in successfully. My next videos will all be about detail aspects about Ubuntu, how to configure it, all the different applications. Hope you enjoyed this, and I’ll see you next time.