How to Install Sprinkler Systems
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A fire sprinkler system can save you a lot of money and hassle if there is a fire in your home. Tim Carter of discusses all new fire sprinkler design and how to install them. Automatic fire sprinklers can be installed in a new home.


House fires are very serious, they can happen anytime, they are extremely destructive, they can kill you or injure you and worst yet, they can happen whether you are at home or not. So what can you do to protect yourself? Many people have got smoke detectors, and that is a good thing, but there is actually another thing you can do, whether you are building a new home even existing home, you can modify. Put in you have probably seen in warehouses or commercial buildings, fire sprinklers. I know it sounds crazy but do not think they have to be ugly like this. Fire sprinklers have come along way. These sprinkler heads are probably the ones that you have seen. I used to see this as a kid going down the escalator at the old chelator store downtown, that is old as how old I am. Here is how they work. You see this little colored vile in here, it actually contains a liquid, often it is like alcohol and it is very thin glass and the hit of the fire, I am talking only a 140 degrees, maybe a 160 degrees temperature will cause the liquid in that glass to bubble and boil and it breaks the glass, and then when that happens, it allows the water to begin to flow out of the sprinkler head. Do not believe all those Hollywood movies. All the sprinkler head do not go off at one time. Only the sprinkler head in the area where the fire is goes off. And typically, the fire can be extinguished with only a hundred galloons of water. If the fire department comes to your house, they are going to inject thousands of galloons of water into your home to put that fire out. So you do not have a lot of water damage in your house with fire sprinklers. This particular sprinkler is the one you really want, your home. You actually only see this white surface. It is basically a recess sprinkler head. All the business end is completely recessed in the ceiling behind the drywall and when and if this sprinkler head goes off, this white perk comes down, it is spring loaded and the sprinkler head starts to spread water over the fire. Working with the sprinkler head is really simple, they just tie into regular copper tubing and brass fittings. If you are serious, do it yourself or you can do it, or you can hire a plumber, I guarantee you, they can do it as well. They are safe, they are effective and they are inexpensive. Sprinkler save live. I am Tim Carter, ask the builder. If you want to discover more home improvement tips, go to