How to Install Heated Floors
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John DeSilvia shares practical advice on installing a heated floor.


Male: It is another DIY Network, 10 Grand in your Hand quick tip. John DeSilvia: I am John DeSilvia and installing a heated floor is a great idea but trust me, it could get very expensive. My advice, don’t pay a contractor, do it yourself. The home owners here saved thousands installing this heated floor system themselves. They started with hardy board to create a solid surface. These boards come with built-in guides, the lines make it easy to cut a little circle to show you where the nail. The heating element comes in a row like this. When stapling the floor in place, be careful. If you mix the heating element, it won’t work. And finally, be warn, this can be a really slow process, spreading thin set takes time. You’ve got to be careful not to knick the mat. By doing this project yourself, you’ll keep the cash in your hands and not in your contactors pocket. Male: For all things, home improvement, go to, 24/7