How to Install a Kid Sized Toilet
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DadLabs Ep 376 -- Ever thought about installing a kid sized toilet in your home? You've seen these tot spec potties in daycare centers and schools, but why not get one for the house? The Gear Daddy takes a look at what's involved in putting in a johnny junior. Brought to you by Kaboom. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Welcome back to Gear Daddy. I am your host, Daddy Troy. Today, we are taking about kiddies size toilets. Through this whole week at daddy labs have been sponsored by Kaboom! Scrub free automatic toilet cleaning system. And we are giving a bunch of this away today. So, stick around today at the program and I will tell you how to get some. [Music Playing] So, this is the kids’ toilets. What makes it a kids’ toilet is it is about ten inches off the ground. It is easier for kids to get up into and it also has a smaller seat, so that kids do not fall into the water like they do in larger adult size toilets. And these things are great for kids who are potty training or recently potty training or just kids who go to the bathroom. It is their size. It allows them more comfort when they are going to the bathroom and gives them more control of their bodily functions. All pros for kids who is growing up. Now, how are you going to install one of these? This is a great news. They install right into your existing flange in your floor. So, it is really easy to put on and if you never put on a toilet before, just to go to a “how to” video website like ours at for hardware and they cans how you how you can actually put one of this in. It is not very hard. They are going cost you about 300 bucks, just fairly expensive. However, think about this, do you resale value on something like Greg’s list or you could give them to a friend, as a shower gift and they are great for growing kids. This whole week at Dad Labs has been sponsored by Kaboom! Automatic cleaning system. Well, that is all this week for Gear Daddy. Now, we are having a discussion over at whether you would install one of these toilets. We would love to hear from the veteran parents. Do you wish you would have installed one? We love to hear from parents who are in the middle of the agony of potty training right now. Do you wish you had one? We would love to hear from new born parents. Do you think you would ever spend the money on something like this? And if you are into that discussion, you are automatically registered to win some Kaboom! Scrub-free, which fit into these same size toilets? So, that you can go hand-in-hand. We will see next week in Gear Daddy at [Music Playing]