How to Install a Dynomax Exhaust on a Ford F-150
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One of our 4 Wheel Parts employees, Chuck Moya, shows the step-by-step process for installing a Dynomax Exhaust System on his 2006 Ford F-150 short bed truck. One of the great things about Dynomax exhausts is that they aren't too difficult to install; you can even do it at home by yourself. It comes with all the clamps and hardware you'll need to complete the installation. Get a Dynomax exhaust system for your Jeep, truck, or SUV at


4WHEELPARTS Chuck: My name is Chuck with 4 Wheel Parts and today we're going to be installing a Dynomax Exhaust System on a 2006 Ford F150 5.4 liters to attach to that now here we have the exhaust fully laid out right out of the box, it comes with all your clamps, your hardware Bolton kit. So this what it looks like right out of the box. On this kind of exhaust system you can do it on your own at home, which is a full part about it, you don't really need to take it anywhere your basic hand tools and things you have at home might work a lot. You got two jack stands a jack and a couple of tools that we're going to use to get this going. First piece you want to install, once you have the full exhaust system out, it's adapter piece that goes from your factory, a two inch to a three inch pipe, it's basically just slides right there and once that's on you have the clamp. Take the 15 millimeter, just tighten this up. All right it's just a quick note on this exhaust system, they do provide a long pipe which is primarily 43606, you have to measure out your truck extend the cap through cap and have to cut because these trucks have screw cap we had to cut 27 inches from the back which now we allow to fit here, it slides right on and you just tighten it up with the clench that is provided. Second piece of the puzzle it just a long pipe that attaches to the adapter from two to three inch. This you might need an extra hand so we just try to put this in. Okay, make sure it's pushed all the way in and then just tightening up the clamp that's provided. Next pipe we're going to install is the pipe that goes from the adapter to the muffler it's held on by this clamp here as these pieces are fit this in, lean it kind of towards the edge when you just slide this one in. All right it's just get held on by two bolts. All right, but now we got the muffler that goes attached to the pipe. Try not to tying those up too much leave them lose so you can feeble this around make it easier on yourself. Okay, now let's just slide that in and it goes on top of course if we missed, hold it, all right, and this gets held on by the clamps here as well so we'll go ahead and tying those up. So the minor part is the exist which is basically goes right inside your muffler and you tight it down with the provided clamps. Once again you don't want to tighten everything complete until, everything sits properly, because then you have to start all over and start loosing up different parts of your exhaust. Now that you have everything in set, everything in their hangers, now you can go ahead just tight everything up, so which is why I am doing that right now just tighten everything up, put it all together, and I think falls off when you are driving down the road. All right so the final piece of the puzzle here is just the installing your 4 inch exhaustive. Start off with a clamp, put it on, try to slide in the back to it makes that easier for you to slide this tip in and just go ahead and put this, you know. And you just want to put the clamp. That concludes our installation of the Dynomax Exhaust from the F150 for more information log on to and search Dynomax Exhaust.