How to Install a CFM Air Intake System on a Ford F-250
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One of our 4 Wheel Parts employees, Greg Delmage, is showing you how to install a 7.3 CFM air intake system on a Ford F-250 1999-2003. An intake manifold is a great tool because it separates hot air from the cold, allowing more cold, dense air to get into your turbocharger for more power. All it takes to install is 20-30 minutes and a few simple hand tools. To buy a CFM intake for your truck, Jeep, or SUV, visit


4 WHEEL PARTS Your Truck & Jeep Accessory Superstore Greg D: Hey this is Greg D, we're doing a install on a 7.3 CFM Intake for a Ford F-250 1999-2003. This Intake manifold is going to separate your hot air from your cold air basically. The turbo outlet piece from the cold emit piece. It's a one piece unit from the factory it transfers a lot of heat and you loss a lot of power that way, this should give you more cold dense air coming in your turbo which is what everyone wants, so lets see how its goes. Installation is pretty simple estimating about 20-30 minutes; this is our first time doing this. So I'm not sure exactly how long it's going to take, but tools are pretty simple, this is a simple socket set, may be a flat screwdriver if you don't have this small eight millimeter extensions and that's about it, just simple handle tools are all you're going to need. Before you do anything please disconnect the battery cables, this prevents any damage into the sensors you maybe working on. Okay let's begin by loosening the spring clamps on the turbo exit portion of the start part and inter-cooler return pipes at the stock parts. This allows you to pull both pipes and hoses away from the factory pieces. You might need to rock the part back and forth a little bit to free it up and pull out the hose connection, row it up in out of the way and anything fall into the openings. Just in case place a few clean rags in each opening to prevent debris, sockets or parts from falling down in your engine. Losing both clamps in the lower in lid of hoses and remove them and check them out and make sure they're clean, and wipe them down. Generally speaking, you're going to want to replace the hoses at this point, you can reuse a stock once we usually on the 7.3s they're warned. And CFM does offer a hose clamp kit as an addition. Make sure when you're installing small elbow that you don't over tighten it because at this strips you're in a world of hurry. Just a snug down and when you're done make sure its in the same position as factory as the direction show. Same rules apply to straight frame that goes neither side, make sure that when you tighten them down, just snug in this up, do not get all on this. Now that you've finished installing straight threaded elbow, use a three quarter inch deep socket and remove the sensor from the stock part. Chances are like sockets ladies and gentlemen, also remove the other factory piece and transfer them over. It's the base that we've got the old part off and here is the problem with this design, is that you had extremely hot air here passing out of the turbo and you have your supposedly cooled air here coming out of the inter-cooler. What this does is a one piece kit, it's cast, it's heavy and the transfer sees very easily from the hot side or the cold side to feel impress of your inter-cooler and actually reducing your motor's efficiency and horse power, so with the two piece design this is going away. Make sure you're going to console your instruction manual and make sure that your CFM Intake looks exactly like the figure before it's ready to install. Begin the installation by removing the rags from the plenum openings, install the two lower in the hoses first with their clamps but do not tighten it. Install the composite Intake into the two lower hoses that you just installed, at this time just snug up the clamps that hold the hoses together, and you'll tighten everything later. Reinstall the small hoses that you removed earlier and reinstall the plug sensor and connect it back in to sensor. Place the ground wire over the threaded start on the heater, now slide the insulator for when you move it one step forward down against the ground wire. Now you're ready to install the cast aluminum in turbo elbow for getting replacing the turbo charger over with a new one supplied. Next, you're going to want to slip on the turbo elbow on to the exit pipe make sure both faces are properly aligned before you slide over the V-band clamp and tighten it. Now you go back to the two lower in that clamps on the CFM composite black Intake as low as the spring clamp on the casted elbow and go ahead and tighten everything up. So once again we're done here everything is installed, make sure if you have any question refer your instruction manual. Basically, you know, reads pretty easy, you know loosen everything up, take stock parts off, you know, don't drop anything down the Intake and install the CFM kit and tight everything up at the end and, you're good to go. It should take about 20-30 minutes, tops an hour if it's a first time, and you'll be all good to go, enjoy your new product. 4 WHEEL PARTS Your Trucks&Jeep Accessory Superstore