How to Increase Male Fertility
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DadLabs talks male enhancement, dispelling myths (tighty whiteys are bad) and delivering the truth (avoid hottubs) about male fertility. Become a baby making beast! Have the highest sperm count on your block! Ep 441 is brought to you by Baby Bjorn. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Clay: Hey there welcome back to the lab. I am Daddy Clay. Brad: And I am Daddy Brad. Today is a very special day because starting today we have a brand new long term sponsor. Clay: Thank you BABYBJORN. Brad: That’s right. For the next six months over 100 shows will be brought to you by the amazing folks over BABYBJORN. Clay: And just to keep things off right, make sure that everybody is comfortable with a new arrangement. We are going to talk about sperm. Brad: This week’s lab is all about Male fertility. Clay: So why is it fertility is always like women’s job? It’s somethings that’s always there. It’s like cooking. When you be taking back fertility. Owning our fertility. Brad: I don't mind. Clay: Because after all I mean who does more work the egg or the sperm. Egg. Hi I am egg. Sperm is out there doing -- Brad: What do you call me an egg? Clay: Swimming upstream like millions and why is why is fertility about women. They make one egg that sits there. I am target sperm. Million swimming, swimming, through the uterus. Brad: The egg is pink. Clay: Through the silos and shrubbiest. Brad: What? Clay: I mean have you ever tried to swim through a cervix. Brad: Of course the best way to increase your fertility is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Clay: Of course the regular exercise program is part of a healthy lifestyle. As you staying hydrated. Speaking which I am kind of parched. Brad: Either healthy diet, is high any oxidants and take the multivitamin. And remember on the flip side that heavy consumption of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana really will reduce your sperm count. Clay: What, I already have three kids. Brad: I was going to puke. Clay: Me too. Clay: Your pulling system will work best when kept in regular use but not overtaxed. Your sperm counts will be highest if you have a one ejaculation every 24 to 48 hours. Less often than that and the number of dead and dying sperms in each ejaculation will be increased. More often than that then your sperm count will be depleted. Brad: Now how you choose to use this information is completely up to you. Clay: Also when saying the word ejaculation it’s important to wear lab coat so it seems more appropriate. Brad: The biggest enemy to your fertility is heat. Clay: One of main culprits are the hot tubs like the one that Brad and we are right now. We are siting in a hot tub talking to you about your sperms. Okay biggest enemy are hot tubs. You may also want avoid saunas, steam bath, even a hot bubble bath if that’s your thing, even the hot shower. Any type of submerge in hot water, well you are bumping up your swimmers by the millions. Brad: So be careful where you dunk your junk. Clay: I feel uncomfortable about the whole, this whole scene. Brad: Bubble bath. Clay: Its awkward, its awkward and I just don't know. Brad: Do you take bubble bath. The couple of final studies to consider. Clay: Scientific studies have shown that prolonged exposure to vibration can ding your counts. So long haul trucking and long ride on your Harley not good for fertility. Brad: As to the tidy whitey debate. Studies have shown they do not reduce the sperm count. Clay: Which of course begs the question who signs after these studies? And what exactly are the procedures? Brad: That is all for us this week in the lab. We like to thank our fantastic sponsors BABYBJORN Clay: Hey if you haven't already check it out. Note it and see the very best dad community on the internet. We will see you there.