How to Improve Your Thanksgiving Experience
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Edward Bleier explains how you can improve your and your family's Thanksgiving experience.


Male: One of the joys of thanksgiving is that there’s so much to do. There’s a major dinner and there are major football games but if the weather is clear, there’s no better football game than among members of the family. It’s a great opportunity to play together as well as to sit at the table and in front of the television together. Plan and much community activity as possible but don’t overdo it. Don’t bore the kids with more discipline and more schedule. You can create your own observance for thanksgiving by bringing to the table your favorite stories or your favorite poems. What’s wonderful about thanksgiving is that it’s about giving so it’s a good occasion to say what’s my favorite charity and how can I give to them this time of year. And the more you invest in making it family and friends and outgoing and giving, the happier it will be for you. Male: Find more at