How to Improve Hard Drive Performance in Windows
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Tech advice and tips: in this video, you will learn how to improve hard drive performance in Windows.


Welcome to PC Wiz Kid’s Tech Talk, today I wanted to talk about keeping your assistant clean or organized by running the Defrag Tool. If you haven’t run the Defrag tool your machine is probably running slower that it could because you’re hard drive has fragmented falls all over the place. So in Windows XP or Vista it doesn’t matter going to the menus, programs, accessories, system tools and then click on the disc defragmenter. Now, once you analyze that it will tell you whether the drive that you selected needs to be defragmented or not. Now, what I’m talking about here is the fragmented falls pieces of files that you’re trying to access that the system is trying to access or all over the drive instead of bending in one spot so that they can quickly be access. Windows Vista has a nice little feature to automate this so that we don’t have to manually run it like an XP. So, if you have Vista check off the box to run it automatically and make sure that you run it on a regular basis. And in XP you have to click on the defragment button and then just let it go here. You can see you have XP running and it has a different type of screen, it shows you what is doing as its going along. Unlike Vista it doesn’t have the screen anymore but it gives you a different type status report here as it’s chugging along basically. So, depending on how big your drive is how long it’s been since you last run it, this take awhile. Now you can run this using the command line too, just open up the command from type defrag c: -c and then just watch the defragged in all the drives. Or –a and watch it analyze the drive, so here is an example I already type it in and you can see here quickly what it looks like. So you can run it XP, Vista, command line, gooey it doesn’t matter. Make sure you run it so that it keeps the drive organize and clean and you will notice the difference so thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy this video.