How to Hold a Baby
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It's an 3kg package without an instruction manual, so how do you pick it up? Midwife, Amanda Mansfield shows new parent, Jon and Mary Bentley how to hold their new baby daughter, support her neck and feel comfortable at the same time.


Amanda Mansfield: I am going to pick the baby up and what I am going to do is I use this opportunity just to see how the baby holds himself and you can see that I am supporting the baby's chin with one hand and I have got my hand onto her bottom. And when you hold the baby like this, you support the neck which is very easy for babies to sort of flip back. So I am just supporting, I have just got my arm out and then I can just cradle her, John, I'd like you to have a go holding of the baby and see if you can get comfortable with it. Okay? So what I am going to do is I am just supporting her under the chin, and underneath the bottom. So if you want to use -- Jonathan Bentley: In the same thing? Amanda Mansfield: Yes, that's right. Okay, so there we go, and then what you can do, that's what you got her over the chin, is then bring her around into the corner of your own are there. Okay, can you manage her? Jonathan Bentley: Yeah. Amanda Mansfield: There we go and she can sleep up about there nicely. Okay, what you do is just tuck her head even. Jonathan Bentley: I should bring my palm forward. Amanda Mansfield: Yeah, there you go. And you could see while she is in that position that you can look at her and you can talk to her. And it’s good opportunity to get her own meal swallow at the same time. John, if you want to pass me Mia, and I will put her down and that’s it. So if you lean her forward. Jonathan Bentley: Put my fingers under her? Amanda Mansfield: Yeah, just under her neck, and ascending her forward, there we go, and I’ll catch up, and I'll put my hands under yours, that's lovely, well done. Oh, yeah, she liked that, didn’t she, and I am just going to lay her down, I am supporting her back and her neck as I do that, and there we go, she is lying down comfortably.