How to Hang a Utility Sink
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Utility sinks can be hung with a bracket instead of dealing with legs. Tim Carter of demonstrates how to install utility sinks or a laundry sink without needing legs. No legs helps with storage underneath the laundry utility sink.


Years ago, when I built my house, I reefed in the drain for a utility sink down in my basement but I have waited until now to put it in and I am going to use one of this great utility sinks but I do not like the ones with legs. I like the ones that had a bracket that comes with it that allows you to hang the entire sink on the wall and not have any legs in the way when you want to store things or clean the floor. I determined before that this is where I want the top of the back of the sink to be, and this vertical line is permanent, it represents the center line of the sink. Those are two very important lines we need to know and here is why. This bracket is attached to the wall and once it is on the wall and you drop the sink on to it, it interlocks with the back of the sink in this fashion. The distance from here to the back of the sink down to the center line of these holes happens to be two inches and we need to make a second line on the wall that is two inches down from the one I just made. It just so happens that the center of the bracket is right here, it is at the center of this hole. Align all of your marks, center of the bracket on the wall and then just draw where we are going to drill. This stationary tub when it is filled with water will weigh hundreds of pounds, that is a tremendous amount of weight so you have to make sure whatever wall you attach it to, that it is not going to pull out of the wall. And in concrete, I prefer this stud anchors, these are 387 inch in diameter extremely strong and when I tighten this knots, therefore I am done, you will not be able to pull that still bracket off of the wall. When you are working with this stud anchors, it is really important not to make a mistake. You have to get them ready where they will go in the holes but you got to put the knots on to the bolt portion before you start to hammer them, if you do not that and you hit this too hard, you will mess up the treads and you will not be able to get the knot on. The last step is just a finger tighten the knots and just use a wrench to tighten them the rest of the way. The bracket is in place. The last step is just to slide the sink over, drop it down on to the bracket, were done, it easy, you can do this. I am Tim Carter, ask the builder. If you want to discover more home improvement tips, go to