How to Handle Your Adult Children Not Liking the Person You're Dating
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Learn how to handle your adult children not liking the person you're dating in this relationship advice video series


Speaker: What do you do when your children whom are adults don't like the person you are dating? Gloria MacDonald: This is just the opposite when your grown children don't like the person you are dating. Again, you cannot live your life for your children. You have got to move on and frankly, it's none of their business. So you can again try to be understanding of why they might feel possessive of you. If you have been through a divorce or if your spouse passed away, understand why they might have those feelings of not wanting you to move on and do something different. It just might be a sense of nostalgia not wanting things to change. Change is difficult for all of us. So have compassion, understand where there coming from, but you don't have to bent to the every woman wish and let them know that you understand that they have concerns and they have issues. Yes, open issue can be about, why you are moving on and why you are meeting new people and why you like this person and you are dating them and the good qualities that you have seen in them, but at the end of the day you can take a stand and you can let your adult children know that this is your life and you are going to, with respect to them, do what's right for you and move on and love them and understand their concerns, but take a stand for yourself.