How to Handle a Child that Argues all the Time
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Learn how to handle a child that argues all the time in this series of parenting advice videos.


Host: My child argues with me all the time. What can I do? Julie Greenlee: This is a big one. If you have kids, you have probably had an argument or two with them. With difficult kids, it can go on and on and definitely drain your energy. I am going to teach you one line and that s all that you ever need and you will never have to argue with a kid again. All you have to do is say this, I would be happy to talk with you as soon as your voice sounds like mine, and the key is to walk away. We don t negotiate with terrorist and we don t talk to our kids when they are arguing at us. So, remember we simply say, I would be happy to talk to you as soon as your voice sounds like mine, and that s it. You won t ever have to argue with your kids again. You are now free and clear and can only spend time with them and have conversations with them, when they want to respect you.