How to Grow Climbing Roses Part 2
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Patti, the Garden Girl, maintains her climbing roses as part of her permaculture garden. For more info, remember to subscribe to Patti's Urban Sustainable Living newsletter at


Oh, look at that, that is beautiful. That is a nature at work. It is just gaveling up the pollen. I can just see it. Doing its thing. Oh, wow. I feel like excited. So, as I am going through all these roses. Again, I am just going through and I am taking anything that is dead and cutting it off. Little by little and getting my bouquet. Ah! This is so beautiful this one right here. Look at that. One is starting to open and I have got two of that stand here. I am going to leave that because of those spot lets. Look at that. My beautiful, ah! And its got a little tiny buglet. This rose, the piece rose is growing really, really well in my soil and it is really filling up this lattes fence and not only this is lattes fence beautiful but because of all this thorns in my roses. It is also a security protection. So, that anybody who try to climb this fence is going to be in trouble. Hmm! Ah! Can I just keep my nose in this rose forever. Look at this. I do not know if any of you have seen something like this before but look at this beautiful rose. Oh, my goodness. Over here, I also have tons of raspberries and I planted a bunch, a couple of years ago, and they are just striving. It is edible, it looks great on the landscape. It brings and attracts those wonderful bees that we need in our lives here, and there is another raspberries brush. I am going to keep working and hanging out and enjoying myself up here in my orchard and with my climbing roses. Hmm! Thank you so much for taking a look and please enjoy roses. They are beautiful. (Music Playing)