How to Grip a Baseball
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Mets reliever J.J. Putz demonstrates a variety of grips,including the 4-seam fastball,the 2-seam fastball,the knuckle curve as well as his best pitch,the split finger fastball. By learning a variety of pitches,baseball pitchers can be more effective.


Adidas presents How I Do It with J.J. Putz J.J. Putz Pitcher, New York Mets Some of the different grips that I have on my pitches are the 4-seam fastball where you hold it across the seams like this. You also have a 2-seam fastball which kind of gives you a lot of movement sinking movement. I throw a knuckle curve ball sometimes or kind of take my nail and put it in the seam just kind of throw it like a fastball and my best pitch is probably my split finger fastball where you just kind of spread the fingers out you know in a comfortable distance where you feel comfortable with the ball. You kind just throw it just like a fastball and it kind of comes out spinning forwards instead of backwards like a regular fastball. It’s got real tumbling action. For more from our adidas Pros, join our group at Weplay Check out more free skills and drills! Only at