How to Go Baby Shopping
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Owen and Comedy Central stand-up star Sebastian team up to do a little baby shopping. Watch as Daddy Owen teaches Sebastian Maniscalco how to shop for baby. The two review baby slings, the pee pee teepee, a digital bath spout cover, and a colic massage pad made by the First Years. Afterwards, they share a special parenting moment. Hot Dad Action ep 515


Daddy Owen: So Oscar, recently I go to spend some time with one of your favorite comics, Sebastian. You've seen him on Vince Vaughn's Wild West comedy, Comedy Central, is doing all kinds of things. I would never let him baby sit, but he is fun. You want that? That's yours. Sebastian -- Sebastian: Hi! How are you doing? Good to see you. Daddy Owen: Hi! I'm Owen. I'm a big fan of your stuff. I saw you in Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy show. I know you got this new DVD from your Comedy Central Special, Sebastian Live. So your website Really funny stuff. Sebastian: Thank you. Daddy Owen: But I'm not here for funny stuff. Sebastian: Okay. Daddy Owen: Lets talk about carrying your new baby, this is a fake baby. Usually, not with the arm behind that, back twisted. Sebastian: Yeah, get the arm out. How do you call yourself a fully grown man walking around like this. Daddy Owen: Now this is a digital bath spout cover and it covers the bath spout, because this is metal. And it tells the temperature of the water. Sebastian: To tell you the truth that it's not a bad thing for myself. I wouldn't mind having one of these in the house, I don't really take baths but -- Daddy Owen: More of a shower guy? Sebastian: More of a shower guy. I don't really like laying in my own soil. Daddy Owen: This is a PePe Teepee. Sebastian: What? Daddy Owen: A PePe Teepee. It's a necessity for changing a boys diaper. Basically, When a boys penis is revealed sometimes the cold air stimulates him and see pees and onto hopefully the wife. So you put this over the -- I don't know which finger would be the best, we'll do the thumb, over the penis, and that way it captures it, captures it and protects you from being peed on. Sebastian: Then you get peed on and you wipe it off. Daddy Owen: This is a Colic Massage Pad. Basically it rest on the mother's shoulder and vibrates and soothes the baby. Sebastian: Why does the towel have to vibrate? Daddy Owen: It soothes. Sebastian: What's with all this assistance? Colic Massage therapy, we didn't have this when I was growing up and I turned out fine. Daddy Owen: This is great, Sebastian come here. Sebastian: First of all you need to tone it down a notch. You're a little too excited for what we are actually doing here. So just talk to me. Daddy Owen: About being a dad? Sebastian: Well, I mean about the whole thing. Hopping on the bed, and come on sit down. I'm 35 years old, you're talking to me like I am a 4 year old. Daddy Owen: Well, you know maybe still inside you are that 4 year old. Sebastian: Maybe I am, maybe I am. Daddy Owen: Maybe this is just a chance. Maybe I can be that dad for you. Sebastian: Oh God. Daddy Owen: Thanks to Sebastian for taking some time with us. He's got a new DVD out so you should check it out. It's really funny stuff, and he doesn't have any kids, no he doesn't? He's a lucky bastard.