How to Gift Wrap for Kids
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Learn how to gift wrap presents for the little ones for even more excitement on their birthday.


Kitty O’Neil: Wrapping present is always fun for us but it’s the most fun when we’re wrapping gifts for kids. Jennifer O’Neil: We like to look from little extra toys to go on the outside of the package when we’re shopping for a birthday boy or girl Kitty O’Neil: Kids go nuts when they see toys on the outside of the package. Jennifer O’Neil: But we don’t just tie them on with ribbon, we like to create a little scene. Kitty O’Neil: Like we did here with this race track package. Jennifer O’Neil: When we saw this little race cars we thought it would be great maybe on a race track ribbon Kitty O’Neil: But then we thought we take a one step further and turn that race track ribbon into the perfect boy’s age. Jennifer O’Neil: It’s very easy to do. We’re going to show you how to do it right now. Kitty O’Neil: So with the race track, we’re going to start by wrapping the gift in green. We chose green because it looks like grass for the race track. Jennifer O’Neil: And I’m going to take double sided black satin ribbon to make our race track number Kitty O’Neil: And this would be double sided because we’re going to be flipping it over to make the number, and we want both sides to have the same sheen and same color. We’re just going to start forming the number down here and to make the curve, we’ve just fold the ribbon around like that. So we’re just going to start by attacking down the first end with a little bit of hot glue. And then when you tuck the top ribbon to the bottom ribbon on a corner here. That way it will lay flat. Jennifer O’Neil: Just keep doing that all the way around. Kitty O’Neil: The round parts are little bit harder but let me get to this straight away. Jennifer O’Neil: And it starts looking like a three. Kitty O’Neil: It’s a lot easier so let me just cut the end off like that and then we can trim the other end. So it looks like a perfect little number three. We just want to draw little dashes on our race track. So now we’re going to put on our little cars and to do that we’re going to put the hot glue just on the wheels and I'm kind of gluing the wheels to the cars so they’re going to turn at the same time I'm putting enough glue on there just to stick it on to the ribbon and it helps make that turn look more complete. Since we’re already used our ribbon to make our race track number, we still need a bow. Kitty O’Neil: So we thought we would use a checkerboard pattern ribbon. Kitty O’Neil: That’s an idea just to kind of think of how can you add to the theme with your ribbon. I love this one for a little boy but if you did one for a little girl and did like a white number like a number two. I think that would be cute. Jennifer O’Neil: It would be so cute you can put maybe carriage like a horse-drawn carriage. Kitty O’Neil: Or you could make it look like it’s out on the forest. That’s cute like a princess, see? Jennifer O’Neil: We were looking for gift for nine-year-old girl and while we’re shopping we found this cute little deer. Kitty O’Neil: And made this thing it would be fun to do a little forest scene on her present. Jennifer O’Neil: So what we did, we start with plain paper and then we added the big bush out of green ribbon. Kitty O’Neil: So it looks like it’s in a forest. Jennifer O’Neil: We found these little flowers in the bridal section of our craft store and they come on wire. Kitty O’Neil: This one is Christmas present so we decided to do red. I like also how we had two packages that were the same size and instead of trying to decorate both packages, we just step them one on top of the other and then tie them together with the ribbon. That looks so cute, I want to keep it. Jennifer O’Neil: And it’s all because of this sweet little tag right here. Kitty O’Neil: We try to collect this through out the year and we keep little toys like this in a little box with our gift wrap. Jennifer O’Neil: We like to keep lots of different colors or solid wrap on hand that we were always prepared and it does not actually take any longer than wrapping a regular gift. Kitty O’Neil: It just little hot glue. Jennifer O’Neil: We created a winter wonderland penguin playground by simply wrapping the bottom box in blue so it looks like the ocean and the top box in white so it looks likes an iceberg then we tied it all up with an iridescent white ribbon so it looks a little snowy. All we did then was add little penguins with touch of hot glue. Kitty O’Neil: This package is perfect for a little girl. We started with this darling pink poodle and then we created the least shot of ribbon and paste it to the package. For this cute little sky rider package, we started with little plane and then decided to write the name of the boy with an opaque white paint pen. We’ve wrapped the present in blue so it looked like the sky.