How to Get Slim and Sexy With Valentine's Day Workout
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Join's Fitness Expert and Certified Personal Trainer Katrina as she delivers a workout that will tone all over especially your abs, love handles, and butt for Valentine's day. Try these quick exercise moves and face your date!


(Intro Music Playing) Hi everyone, it is Workout Wednesday and I am Katrina, fitness expert. Today, we are going to go for a shape up workout for you valentine’s date. Before the big date, I like to get my stamina up. So, I am going to do a heart pumping exercise with mountain climbers and bench step ups. I am going to do mountain climbers first for two minutes and then bench step ups for another two minutes. So, you put your hands on the bench or step at home. Put your hands behind you, you just want to bring your knees up. You can go at your own speed. You just want to have a clock nearby and you do it for two minutes. Now, I am going to do bench step up for two minutes, one minute on each leg. After one minute, you want to switch, [sigh] and that is it. This one is called Physioball Hug and Throw. So, all you need is a Physioball and a wall or a mirror. You want to go over to the wall, just do not break the mirror. You want to take your date, this is your date [laughs] you want to twist, throw it against the wall. You do not really want to throw your date against the wall, we will pretend. It is working with quads, the glutes, the hamstrings and the core. And then after a minute, you want to switch sides. This move works all the major muscle groups and we do looking sexy and toned for your valentine’s outfit. So what we are going to do is go down to the floor, you want two dumbbells soft in the handles so it just do not hurt your hands. We are going to go down to the floor. What you want to do is first start with the push up. So, you are balancing. You are keeping your core tight. You want to go down, go up into a push up. You want to work you core and do frog kicks, and now, you just going to route. So this is working your chest, and then your core, then your back. This exercise really works your left handles and tones the whole area and your core. So what you need is a Physioball and a dumbbell. So, you are going to go over to a wall and you want to put outside leg in front of you and your back leg behind you. You seat on the ball just on the edge. Appear your feet against the wall and then, you want to hold the dumbbell by your side. The higher you hold it up, the harder it is. So you want to go down, and then squeeze your obliques as you come up. I want to do each side for 30 seconds and then repeat. This is one of my favorite exercises to because it works your abs and you do not have to do crunches and it works the outside of your thighs, they are called Heart Planks. So, you want to go down on your side. Make sure that your shoulders in line with your elbow. What you want to do is bend your bottom leg. Lift up your hips, squeeze your obliques. Lift up one arm and what we are going to do is we are going to draw heart of our top leg. [Sigh] I am going to do, drawing the heart one way for 15 seconds and then going the other way for 15 seconds. The last one that we are going to do are viscents for Valentine’s Day so, all you need is a dumbbell to balance yourself. When you hold your core tight, you are going to work the lower abs, you are going to extend out and the squeeze in as hard as you can, and go out, squeeze in. To progress this one, you can start twisting. I want to do 30 seconds. Take a break and then do 30 more. I hope you all have a really good Valentine’s Day and if you do not have a date, these exercises can increase your confidence and get your date that you want. If you have any questions, you can write me on