How to Get Rid of the House Clutter
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Most of us are spending a lot of time indoors, trying to keep warm. It is the perfect time to get rid of that clutter around your house, our lifestyle expert, Mar Jennings shows Rhiannon how.


Audra Lowe: Most of us are spending a lot of time indoors trying to keep warm. It's perfect time now to get rid of that clutter around your house. Our lifestyle expert Mar Jennings shows Rhiannon how to do it. Rhiannon Ally: Thanks Audra! It's hard to let things go, but Mar, sometimes, you've just got to get rid of the junk. Mar Jennings: You have to let it go, but there's great ways of doing it. There are so many non-for-profits out there that desperately need our help. This is a great way to evaluate what you have in your home and just say good-bye! Rhiannon Ally: Okay. I love these, because I have a ton of hangers around. I think everyone does. Mar Jennings: If you go to the dry cleaners, I ask them if I could return the hangers. I don't want to throw them out. Now they told me they would be more than happy to take them. And they do reuse them. But, you need to know, some dry cleaners would just throw them out. So go ahead and ask if they are going to recycle them and use them again. Rhiannon Ally: Okay. Mar Jennings: Don't just throw them out. Rhiannon Ally: Okay. Mar Jennings: How many times do we have a book that we've read or something that we've acquired that we really don't want: CDs, DVDs, books. Great resource is to donate it to your local library, because they will put it in their inventory, and that yearly, many libraries go ahead and have a book sale. And they'll sell these items. So it's a wonderful opportunity for them to get some income as well. Rhiannon Ally: I love passing books on to other people. I love that! Mar Jennings: Isn't it wonderful? What I love doing as well is, when I passed a book on, I read a little story on the inside, as to what I thought about the book. And I tell them, pass it on again. So, create a legacy of that book by giving it away, so each and every time. Rhiannon Ally: Okay. Mar Jennings: Now, I know you are a pretty girl and you've probably gotten them your entire life so many, we can't even count. How many times are you using all 172,000 of them that you have in your home? But the idea is that, go ahead and find your local garden shop or your local florist that we need to go ahead and support these people. So, go ahead and bring it back to them. Don't sell it to them, just simply say, here, they're brand-new, I have no need for them. And give them back. Rhiannon Ally: And you did this and you said that they'll take them. Mar Jennings: They love it! Terracotta pots as well. You think that they are mossed over, you don't want them, well the flower shops really like it that way and they'll reuse them as well. So give them away, find a home for them. Rhiannon Ally: Okay. Mar Jennings: How many times in your kitchen, do you know that you can buy used cabinets from Fairview County or throughout the country, that people are removing their kitchens. And then there are companies that are refurbishing them and selling them again. And you get substantial discounts. So go ahead and use that as a resource, if you're going to do a renovation. Now, they also have appliances as well, and sometimes you have odd glasses and many napkins. And you know what, either your style has changed, go ahead and make a donation to your local charities as well. They could use those. Rhiannon Ally: You might not need them, but someone would. Mar Jennings: Now here is a -- Rhiannon Ally: No! We do not want to give away our clothes. Mar Jennings: Yes, you do. Rhiannon Ally: Don't make us. Mar Jennings: It's the one-year rule. If you have them and you haven't worn them, now I'm not talking about shoes, because I know ladies will write in saying, there is a special off before. But if you have something and you haven't been wearing them, coats, it happens a lot of times, require all these coats, go ahead and make donation. Rhiannon Ally: Or if you think you're to get back in tone that you have it in the last few years -- Mar Jennings: It's time to let it go. Rhiannon Ally: Yeah, it might be time to let it go. Mar Jennings: Okay, now the last thing is that if you have an attic or if you have a garage, and you have a lot of stuff in there, go ahead and invite me over. Because what ends up happening is that, perfect example, this was in my neighbor's basement. It was great wrought iron dining room set for six. It was there for years. I asked her, what are you doing with it? She simply said nothing. Let me buy it from you. The only caveat she said, I could never paint it. This is the actual way I found it. I just changed the seat and it's perfect. Something old became something new to me. Rhiannon Ally: Alright, thank you so much Mar! Mar Jennings: Get inspired, find, recycle, reuse! Rhiannon Ally: Get inspired! We are inspired right now, thank you so much! Mar Jennings: Alright, you're very welcome! Rhiannon Ally: Right now, let's send it back to you Audra. Audra Lowe: Thanks Rhiannon! You can find more of Mar's great tips including cool ideas for using burlap on his website. Just head to for a link!