How to Get Healthy and Stay Motivated
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Annie share advice for women that would like a healthier life and to lose weight, but are not motivated.


Oh my gosh, ladies, first of all you have to identify in your heart that there is a change you want to make then you have to know you can do it but its going to be a long process. Its going to be a slow part process and you have to know you’re going to have to commit. Don’t commit to a month, don’t commit for two months and maybe a year and maybe two years. It takes time to learn how to get fit properly. It takes time to really learn good habits and to unlearn the bad habits and that’s what you basically have to reprogram your minds so you want to surround yourself first of all with a good team. You want positive people surrounding you. You want toxic people pushed out of the way. Bless them, send them on their way. You want to reach your goals. You want to get there and you want to love yourself while you do it. Don’t get hard on yourself. Don’t let negativity get into your mind. Don’t let any negative people tell you anything.