How to Get Health Insurance for Young Children
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Learn how to get health insurance for young children in this video with Bob Hurley from eHealth Insurance.


Why would young children need health insurance when there are so many free programs available? Bob Hurley: Your children, your young children certainly need coverage of some kind and certainly, if you are in a position where you can afford health insurance coverage, often times, you are going to want them coverage that is associated with your family plan or at least, has the doctor that you are familiar with or used to seeing for your child. Now if you can't afford coverage for your children, I absolutely encourage you to seek out one of the state sponsored programs in your particular area. There are many, many programs available. Most states have children's health insurance programs available. If you meet the qualifications you can get coverage for your children and typically, depending on your income level, you will either pay nothing or something but certainly, not everything when it comes to the coverage for your children. Your children need to have coverage though again, it has been proven that the children that have health insurance coverage get the care that they need whether it be preventative care or they get care promptly upon development of some kind of condition. So it's really important that you get your children covered by health insurance in the private market if you can afford it. It's typically very affordable. Most children can be covered for, depending on the city, it definitely differs throughout the country. But typically, you can cover your child for $40.00 to$45.00 a month, very affordable. But again, if that's even a stretch for you financially, seek out the state programs. You can call our website. You can call our number on our website. We'll direct you to some of the programs that are available if we can't help you with a private insurance. But the fact is most children should be able to get covered with either a private plan or a state sponsored plan. There are plenty of options out there for children. So please seek those out. Don't let your children go uncovered.