How to Get Gmail Alerts on Your Desktop with Gmail Notifier
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Cloud applications are like Gmail are great. They let you access your data anywhere, on any Internet-connected computer. However, they sometimes lack the convenience of desktop applications in that you have to actively check for new email messages by logging in. Gmail Notifier helps to bridge the gap from desktop to cloud by alerting you to new messages as they arrive.


Hello there I'm Stacey Reed and in this Butterscotch tutorial we're going to take a look at the Gmail Notifier, a light application that allows you to check your Gmail messages without having to open up your browser. Follow the link to the Gmail Notifier that’s been provided in the show notes and you can find more information about the application and the download is available here as well. It’s compatible with Windows 2K and XP and they also offer a version for Mac users. So let's go ahead and download then install and make sure that you indicate whether you would like the program to run when you start up the machine and if you want to use it for outgoing mail. You’re going to need set up your username and password. And then once it’s installed you'll see a little envelop icon on your system tray that will alert you whenever you get new emails. It will show you the subject line, the sender and a short snippet. It will also show you how to many unread messages you have left on your inbox. We’re going to right click on the icon and we’ll have access to our inbox configure options and we’ll be able to see the notifications again just in case we miss it the first time around. And one more thing if you're on the Mac you may want to check out Google plus scroll which is an add-on to Notifier that announces upcoming calendar event an addition to Gmail messages. So that’s the scoop on Gmail Notifier. Now you can check your email right from your desktop without even opening up your browser. I am Stacey Reed at Butterscotch signing out.