How to Get Free Groceries with Store Reward Programs
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If you're one of those people who throws out those big coupons leaflets that come in the paper, you're basically throwing away free money. Yes, really. By taking ten minutes a week to read the coupon books, you can pick, choose and combine coupons.


How to Get Free Groceries with Store Reward Programs Christie Hardcastle: on behalf of TV I’m Christie Hardcastle a shopping specialist with big fat piggy bank. So in this clip I’m going to show you yow to us estore reward programs to save a lot of money. So for example here’s one store that’s in my area that offers a program like this. This happens to be Walgreens so this is just the example of that I’m using so Walgreens has a program that they call register awards so essentially what this is, is certain select items that they choose they will offer you essentially a discount or a coupon for future purchase when you buy one of the items that offers a register awards. So for example let’s go ahead and just take a look at this chopsticks item is $2.99 that’s what you would pay for the item but if you purchase this item you’re actually going to get a manufacture coupon for $3 so you paid $2.99 back. Essentially the item is going to be free and then this item you would then be able to use on a future purchase so although you did pay 2.99 or $3 for the item you’re getting $ back to use on something else so essentially its like getting the items for free you can also use coupons for these items there’s no restriction on that. So for example even in their add it got advertise a particular dollar cost $7. They are offering $4 back in register awards and they’re even letting you know that there’s a $3 coupon available that’s going to be on the product itself so pay $7 they give you $4 back to use on a future purchase plus you use the $3 manufacturer coupon guess what 100% free item so this is an excellent way to save money and in fact if you can pretty much stick to purchasing items that offer register awards continuously you can really get a lot with very little out of pocket so this is an excellent program. I’m a big fan of it and again you’ll be able to use this on the future purchase to buy something else that you need maybe even fro free. On behalf of this is Christie Hardcastle thank you for watching.