How to Get Free Coupons
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Coupons are everywhere. But not everybody uses them. Here's some news if you use at least one coupon per shopping trip, you can save hundreds of dollars every year.


How to Get Free Coupons Christie Hardcastle: On behalf of I’m Christie Hardcastle a shopping specialist with big fat piggy bank so let’s talk a little bit now about where you can find coupons its different places to find them and its funny once you start really looking and paying attention you are going to see them everywhere because they really are all over the place. So first of all what most people know are just the coupons that common in your newspaper insert and those are great. Those are fabulous and excellent place to start. So you definitely want to make sure you get the paper and you want to get the blur of this paper available to you and the paper that is has the highest distribution so depending on where you live there might be two or even 3 papers and you may consider getting them all also but definitely you want to get the one that has got the largest inserts the most coupons in the highest readers because they don’t have the best highest value coupons. The newspaper inserts are one the second place that I would consider getting coupons are just the stores themselves. Walk me through your grocery store you’ll be amazed at how many coupons are out there. Whether they are blanky coupons you pull the out their machine whether they’re terappod coupons your going to rip off the display whether attached to the item even the purchase they’re really all over the place. Also on circulars store circulars have coupons available another excellent awesome place to get coupons is the internet. Internet probably has the highest value coupons so you might be able to find a 1 dollar coupon in the newspaper inset and online it might be a $2 coupon or $3 coupon. So really the internet is an excellent place to be able to get coupons and internet coupons you just of course need to have a printer on and in and it doesn’t have to be color cashiered and cared for its color or not but you’re going to have access to computer that’—s to get coupons so these are all the different ways to start put together yoru arsenal of coupons. On behalf of This is Christie Hardcastle thank you for watching.