How to Get Children to Sleep so You Can Have Time to Relax
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Learn how to get children to sleep so you can have time to relax in this Parenting advice video series.


Host: How can parents convince their children to sleep so they have time to relax? Dr. Diana Zuckerman: A lot of parents, I know find it very hard to say no to their children whether the children are asking for more food or more sleep or to stay up later and parents who work hard and are not coming home at five o'clock but maybe coming home at six o'clock or later, I think are especially having a hard time putting their children to bed earlier but if a parent is consistent and a child has a consistent bedtime whatever that bedtime is and remember kids need more sleep than adult. So, if an adult needs eight or nine hours of sleep, a lot of kids need ten or more. So, parents just need to be really consistent. If eight o'clock or nine o'clock is the bedtime, that's the bedtime and parents do their children no favor and they certainly don't do themselves any favor. If they say, okay, tonight you can stay up a half an hour late because I promised you, the next night they are going to want to stay up a half an hour late too. So, parents do have to be really clear on what bedtime is and then stick to it.