How to Get a Tight End for Your Halloween Costume
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With Halloween just around the corner, get your body into shape with this football inspired circuit workout brought to you by Get a Tight End this Halloween and bare all.


[Music Playing] Halloween is one of those holidays that girls like to show a little more skin than they usually would on a typical night. So we are here today to show you how to get a tight end for your Halloween costume. If are trying to get a tight end for your Halloween costume you can do it at home. If you have dumbbells or not you can do all these exercises in your family room. So the first one that Tom and I are going to do are toss right or toss left. So what I have said to her for her to do is when is she is going to lunge and then toss either to the left or the right. So what I want her to do is get down into an athletic position, feet shoulder width apart. She is going to lunge out and then toss to the left, lunge out toss to the right. Make sure that you are twisting with your core and you stay tight. The second exercise that you are going to do is down and out. Nicely the gluts and also your balance. So you want to do is put all your weight into your heels standing on one leg do a single leg squat make sure that your knees stays aligned as your ankle. Touch down and then stand back up. So go down, out and back up. The third exercise that you are going to do is your cardio piece. This exercise is called bump and run. So when you get down on the floor, two, one back up, down, three, two, one, on the floor. Back up, three, two, one on the floor, back up. That was good. The fourth exercise is forth quarter crunches. So we are going to lay on our backs, put your heads behind your head and you want your back pressed in to the floor so you just want your lower back pressing to the mat. And then you want to straighten your legs crunching, bring them all the way down still pressing your lower into the floor and then crunching in. Fifth exercise, bench warmer squat. So what you want to do is step away from your couch or a chair anything like that. Be about a foot away, you want enough room to sit back where your knees do not go over your toes and you want to stand up. Make sure that your knees stay in line with your ankles. Knee come back up, you are just touching down a little bit and then standing all your weight into your heels and stand. So Tom is making sure that his knees do not go over his toes and he is just warming up the bench and then standing up. Last one of the circuit is dumbbell touch down. So you want to stand about three or four feet away from the dumbbell and you stand on one foot. You extend down, touch down and come back up. You are just isolating your gluts, ankle stabilization and your hamstrings. When you go down make sure that you look forward and your back stays flat. One way to progress this is this is actually the whole to the dumbbell with your left arm you are going to balance standing your left leg. And you are going to bring it down, extend your back plane about parallel with the floor and then come back up. So for a complete work out how many reps should I do with each exercise? We are going to do 12 of each and we are going to go through the entire circuit so all six exercises four times. So 12 reps go through it 4 times, got it, equals a tight end.