How to Get a Tattoo
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Get some tips and advice for getting a tattoo.


Male: I’m at the International Tattoo Festival with Dan from Immaculate Concept. What is the typical person comes into your store to get a tattoo? Dan: You know what, all sort of different people with all sort of different ideas coming to the store. There’s no way you could narrow it down or pin point. You would be able to generalize it like that. Male: And what would you recommend if somebody getting tattoo for the first time? Dan: It’s more and more to me becoming about anesthetic, more than a deep meaning behind it. But I do try to attach some meaning or some relevance to my life, to my thought of philosophies in someway. But generally, it’s got to look good over anything else. Male: And do you tattoo yourself or do you still get someone else to tattoo you? Dan: Yeah different people tattoo me. If you can’t tattoo yourself, I never done it, a lot of guys have. I try to get tattoo now by as many different people as I can. There’s too many great tattoo is out there for me to limit to one or two guys. Male: What would you say as a good tattoo shop? Dan: You know, somewhere obviously, you walk in, you feel comfortable, there’s no ego. Everyone is pretty cool. Cleanliness if definitely important to ask as many questions do you possibly can about cleanliness, sterilization. A reputable shop is going to be able to answer all those things confidently, you know. Be really careful with who is doing a tattoo. Make sure you love their art. Make sure you love their style and what we’re doing and then put your faith and then after that. If it takes six months, if it takes a year to get in with them, don’t go anywhere because you wan to get in now. It’s not worth it because you’re going to potentially wreck yourself, right?