How to Get a Resisting Child to Get Dressed
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Many kids resist getting dressed in the morning. The Go-To Mom gives helpful tips on how to get your child dressed.


When your preschooler resists getting dressed. Kimberley Clayton Blaine: I received an e-mail from one of my mommy viewers, Shantel, who has a common issue with her 3.5 year old. He doesn't want to get out of his jammies, he doesn't want to leave the home, and he is resisting getting dressed. Well, you know what? I don't blame him, I love spending the days in my jammies. Children like predictability, so they sometime resist getting dressed because jammies are a reminder of the comfort of their home. Believe it or ,not children view getting dressed as a chore. Try to get him on a regular routine of getting dressed and going outside to slowly transition him out of his PJ home comfort zone. Have him get dressed first thing in the morning. You can let him wear his jammies longer at night to get him in the mindset for bed. However, don't let him hang out all morning in his jammies. If he resists leaving home in the morning, it may be an indication he needs more time with you. Being home makes him feel that connection. Empathize with his feelings and let him know that you missed him during the day when he is at preschool and you look forward at night, when you get to let him play in his jammies. Talk about the importance of needing to get dressed and that everyone gets dressed. Let him know that you will let him play in his jammies at night. So join in the fun and have the whole family play in their jammies before bedtime.