How to Get a Killer Home Arm Workout
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Here is a killer arm workout you can do at home with just a set of dumbbells to help get toned and strong guns. This slimming workout should be done 2x a week, 12-20 reps of each. This is an arm workout for beginners to advanced fitness levels. Adjust the weight according to each exercise to really feel the burn of the this killer work out.


Sarah: Hey everyone welcome to another edition of my Calorie Minute. I am Sarah, your host, and I am with Stephen Cabral, body transmission expert. Now the economy isn't doing so well, so if you are short on cash and you want to cancel your gym membership, remember one thing to invest in it, Stephen? Stephen Cabral: Adjustable dumbbells. Sarah: Adjustable dumbbells. So this is a home arm workout. Stephen Cabral: First exercise is hammer curls. It's great for toning this inside of the bicep. Now you can hold the toward at the top of your dumbbells but I prefer people to hold right in the middle. Now that you have a good handle on those weights. Now we want to finish with our triceps. Hold in your left hands. I want to put your left leg back, your right hand or your right knee, and I want you to bring your elbow up as you just finished the one arm row. And we have to switch back, nice work. Get to your right side, left hand down, good, backward is flat and then just exactly look straight ahead, squeeze all the way to the top, try to hold the dumbbell there for half a second, then right back down slow, making sure that it doesn't swing. We stop there, good and right back up, so we just went through dumbbell hammer curls of biceps, and we are right at the thrice of kickbacks. It's a nice a superset, you get to workout for your biceps and triceps, you do that two to three times. Sarah: Well thank you guys, have slim and sexy arm even without a gym membership. Make sure you subscribe for and we will see you next time.