How to Fulfill all Your Fantasies
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Relationship expert Mama Gena shows you how to fulfill all your fantasies and desires.


Female: Greetings, sisters, goddesses, have no fear! Female: Have no fear! Female: Have no fear, Mama Gena is here! Regena: I’m Regena, head mistress of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. Let’s just see what we can expose here. Female: She is on a mission to transforming the world by teaching people how to tap into the power of their pleasure. Regena: Can you feel the oxygen that got cut loose when she took her top of? Female: Mama Gena’s pleasure teaching are featured in her three best selling books. Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, Mama Gena’s owners and operators guide to men, and Mama Gena’s marriage manual. Regena has taken her pleasure message to the masses with regular appearances on the Today’s show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and ABC’s 20/20. Regena: Today, I’m going to show you how to fall head over heels in love with yourself. Female: Growing up, Regena discovered the pitfalls of pondering problems. Regena: I had a wonderful background because my dad was a fordian psychotherapist, so my whole youth was about studying problems and I noticed that when people study problems, the problems grow, they expand, they multiply. Your problems get problems and then your problems, problems and then you know what the roots of your problems and pretty soon your are one big problem. Female: After high school, she had another life altering revelation. Regena: I think where it started was I went to a woman’s collage. When you go to woman’s collage you end up with super tight girl friends and I watched us after we graduated, we all seem to do great in our careers but we tanked in the world of personal happiness or great relationships. So I wanted to do some research and figure out what it takes to create a great relationship, first with ones self and then with partnerships throughout a life time. Female: Regena left her career in the theater arts to research her new found profession. Regena: I want pleasure, I want passion, and I want fun and I figured if I wanted all those thing I have to study it. So I kind of pronounced myself the Pleasure Queen, no one else was applying for the job and I began to research pleasure and research intimacy and research sensuality and began to build a foundation of technology that could create a great relationship with ones self that unfolded over a life time and included a partnership. Female: After year of extensive research, Regena opened the School of Womanly Arts in New York City, turning everyday women into sister goddesses. Regena: I realized that my mission was to kind of spread the viral condition of self love for no reason. The epidemic condition of a woman adoring her self just because she’s alive, she’s beautiful, she’s incandescent, she’s a woman and she can. Female: I’m gorgeous! Regena: I’m gorgeous! Can you feel that fire that you gave to your self? Female: Yeah, it’s kind of weird. Angie: One of the amazing things that Regena really teaches you to see the beauty in all women and the media kind of sometime teach us that beauty only looks like a certain thing and a certain shape and thinness and you really learn to see the gorgeousness in everyone around you. Regena: The core philosophy behind Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts is just really a pleasure revolution. I’m a little revolutionary. I want people to use the power of their pleasure to have their way with the world. I think it’s really important for us to celebrate the gift of life and to use pleasure as a vehicle for attaining our dreams. Take this sensing organ right and then you are just going to place it like on her knee. Does that feel good? Male: It’s warm. Regena: Yeah. As women, we don’t really tell guys what it is we want. So I’m all about train, don’t complain. Tell him what lights you up, tell him what thrills you. He lives to serve you. Julie: A friend of mine turned me on to Regina’s book and it really turned things around for me. I could create anything in my marriage and it really became magical. My husband has been saying no to a new car for quite a long time and this week, I really turned his head around and I just appealed to him from another angle that he hadn’t seen coming and he finally said yes. He said yes to my new car and I can go pick it and he’s okay with whatever I decide. And you know what, half the joy of that was to just get him to say yes. My husband was so excited and turned on just by me being different and that’s what Regena was able to do for us. Female: Regena has reshaped women’s life through her pleasure based work. Regena: Learn about our 8000 nerve endings, learn what pleasures us, learn what we love because then you can introduce a guy into a world of sensual experience and sensual fulfillment that you could not possibly attain without that very valuable information. So like you want to rock her world? All right, so this date I had the other week, this guys, he leans over. And when he does, it’s so surprising it was so hot, as he takes his finger and instead of just placing it on my hand, he slides his finger right in there. When a woman and a man pay attention to a woman’s joy and to a woman’s desire, there’s a potential for an unfolding life of intimacy, pleasure, and romance and companionship with one another that’s not possible any other way. It’s unexplored territory, it’s a brand new paradigm pleasure and it’s a marvelous, marvelous vista that elevated everybody in their pathway. Female: I was one of the very skeptical people who really thought, how can this change my life, ow can I focus on desire and pleasure when I’ve got to clean my house, I’ve got to get to work, I’ve got to travel for a work and I got to live in a dysfunctional relationship that I was currently involved in. How is this really going to help my life and it has completely transformed every notion that I thought about myself, that I thought about men, that I thought about family. Regla: It’s about time that we had someone like her, who just allows us to be us, like it’s okay to flirt, it’s okay to go after what you want, it’s okay to relishing your desires. Female: And most outstanding thing for me is that people who haven’t seen me physically about a year and I might bump into them in the street, or like at a seminar or something, they barely recognized me. It used to be that I was totally buttoned up to here, I was like a business suite buttoned all the way, little tiny pearls and now it’s like I’m a sex pot. And I had no idea that this is something that existed within me and it was the School of Womanly Arts that really harnessed and really allows me to shine. Regena: The 21st century is the millennium of the woman, we are coming into our own voice and I am here to enhance and expand the voice of women. Is why I carry this pangram that’s to remind me that my job is to fan the flames of women’s desires wherever I see them because when ever you have a woman’s desire, live, hot, paid attention to, you take everybody around her higher. Female: Regena’s message is simple yet powerful. Regena: You must know pleasure to give pleasure. So go out there and pleasure yourself. Female: Pleasure yourselves. Regena: Pleasure yourself today! Female: Mame Gena, giving women and men the ultimate power through the divine art of pleasure.