How to Flair - How to Do a 2 Tin 1 Bottle Sequence Part 2
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Learn the basics of flair bartending with expert bartender Mo Harris - How to do a Two Tin One Bottle Sequence Part Two


Moe Harris: Hi, guys. My name is Moe Harris and I'm here at the Professional Bartending School in Arlington, Virginia. I'm about to show you part two of our two-tin-one-bottle sequence. Now, that we've got the bottle and tin in my right hand and the tin in my left hand, this is a very simple kind of difficult thing we're going to do. Simple, if you practice it, difficult if you don't, that's all it is. All I'm going to do, imagine you had a bottle just a bottle by itself in your right hand. All I would do is pull it towards me. I'm going to simply pull it and grab it by the neck, pull, pull. Now, I'm going to do the same exact thing, the only difference is I'm going to have the bottle inside of a tin, so when I do the pull, I'm still going to naturally grab it by the neck. The tin is going to naturally fly off. All you have to do is be prepared to catch it, ready, just like that. Now, we're going to go to that position and remember we left off you at the last sequence. I'm going to do the same thing. The problem is when this flies off into my left hand, this is in my hand. So, what I'm going to have to do is, throw this in the air, so it's going to look like this. I don't mind letting it fall, I'm going to grab the bottle, let this tin fly, throw this one and catch. Now, what I'd like to do is when I pull this bottle, I do have it in this down position, in a perfect position to go over my back. So, here is the whole sequence. I'm going to pull the tin, grab the bottle. The tin is going to fly off into my left hand; the tin in my left hand is going to fly over to my right hand. I'm going to catch that tin in my right hand, before I do that I'm going to throw this over my shoulder with a double flip and catch it here. It sounds difficult, but if you break this down and practice this a lot, a lot, a lot, it'll be a piece of cake. So, here's what we did in the first sequence. It was a split-throw-catch, let's leave this in the position and pull-throw-throw-catch. It's just that easy.