How to Flair - How to Do a 2 Tin 1 Bottle Sequence Part 1
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Learn the basics of flair bartending with expert bartender Mo Harris - How to do a Two Tin One Bottle Sequence Part One


Moe Harris: Hi! Guys. My name is Moe Harris and Im here at the Professional Bartending School in Arlington, Virginia. Right now, I will just show you one of my secrets to a really awesome two-tin-one-bottle sequence. Now what Im about to show you really is kind of advanced, its something most difficult thing in the world, but its kind of advanced if you just jump in right into this. What Im going to do is Im going to break it down into simple moves and show it how it all comes together in one sequence. First thing that Im going to teach you, is taking two tins and splitting them and what I mean by that is, Im going to grab the tins and with my thumb inside of it and the fingers of the outside, all Im going to do is give it a flick about that hard. Now, the important thing is, all Im going to do is swing my arm and once I get to about the natural level of the swing, that's when I split it. So that's when I go, like that. Now, you'll notice that its always going to form 1-2, my left and then to my right. 1-2, and again, its swing, split, just prepare to catch, 1-2, 1-2, that's the first part. Its a piece of cake. Now the second part is getting this bottle. All were going to do is get this bottle and give it -- I think this is one little flip. Notice its going from my left hand to my right hand and one rotation; still in the upward position, that's one. Practice this move; practice each of these moves individually a million times before you try them all together. Instead of one rotation now, its going to be 1-2, 1-2, 1-2. Now, lets put those things together. Im going to split these two, when I split remember, its going to go left-right. So, the problem is I cant catch it to my left; Im going to have a bottle there. So, as soon as I split, this is going to have to do the 1-2. So, what's going to happen ultimately is, Im going to have these two on my hand, while that bottle is in the air. Instead of catching the bottle by the neck, Im simply going to catch it in the other tin. So, to break it down Ill call this a split, Ill call this a throw and Ill call that a catch. Its a split, throw, catch, ready. Split-throw-catch.