How to Fish Bass at First Light
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Fishing tips and tutorials, this video will focus on how to fish Bass at first light.`


Hi! Everybody, welcome back to YouTube. I would like to discuss, what makes early morning first light fishing very good. And part of the reason, is the fish during the day hold fairly tight to cover, if it's sunny and a lot of boat activity and wind. They will tend to hug a log or in a brush pile or under a dock, and they are kind of hard to get to. As it becomes evening, they start to move out to the edge of that cover like the edge of patch, edge of the dock, and they will start to roam around a little bit more and at night they move around a lot more and they have plenty of time to move quite a ways, could be up to a mile even. But they'll move until they find a good spot to hold to feed, and they feed a lot at first light, and so they will setup on a rock point, the edge of the patch, out not in thick cover but out on an area that the big fish, will move pass where they can strike. So if there is a rock point that sticks out to the water, they'll be on a down wooden edge of that side, with a little bit of current blown by, waiting for the fish to pass by, and the easy access to a easy prey, so that's why hitting a rock point early in the morning, the edge of the patch can be really productive. So just think about why first light is so productive? It's because the fish have time to move away, from heavier cover on to good ambush points. They just -- they won't do that in the evening, they won't travel half-a-mile to get to a spot before it gets dark. So think about this. So if you are going to target fish in the evening, target them near thick cover, but not quite in the thickest cover, they will be out in the edge a little bit more. So think about bass behavior, and how they live and what they do and why, and you'll become a better fisherman. See you later, on YouTube, guys. Bye.