How to Finger Feed Your Baby
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Learn how to use finger feeding as a step in baby learning to latch on.


Male Speaker: Okay, so we are going to finger feed this baby. Get the baby to latch on. Prepare him to take the breast. That’s the boy. So, now he is starting to suck well and the idea of this is to settle him down as he is going to suck. Once he is sucking properly, then we will try to move to the breast. Pushing with side of your and underneath the baby stays, the nipple then will automatically point to the roof of the baby’s mouth when the nipple is on his upper lip, straight on, now he doesn’t have it so let him come up or slide him to, to make it higher, try not to force him to stay. Okay, not on there, wait for the gaze, here it goes and see the pause in his chin there full of milk. That’s with finger feeding is for not to feed the baby without the bottle. Okay.