How to Find Out if a Website is Down
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Comprehensive advice on your computer and software problems and questions, this video will focus on how to find out if a website is down or if it is just your computer.


Robbie Ferguson: Why don't we -- because we always leave it out and we always forget it and let's do Robbie's favorite. Carrie Webb: Robbie's favorite, do it now. Robbie Ferguson: Damn, the theme song hasn't been produced yet, so will have to sing it for you. Robbie Ferguson & Carrie Webb: Robbie's favorites. Robbie Ferguson: That was awesome. Carrie Webb: That was awful. Robbie Ferguson: All right lets see here okay. Have you ever gone to a website Carrie and found out that it just doesn't work? Carrie Webb: Yeah. Robbie Ferguson: But you know that it's a legitimate website. Carrie Webb: Yes. Robbie Ferguson: I have this problem. My main man Alan Pope. I get this with his website, because there is something up with my ISP and we are trying to get bottom of it but it just sits here and Alan knows about this problem and we have talked about it and he is trying to help me through, but it seems to be something on our ISPs end, so. Carrie Webb: So it says loading, loading, loading. Robbie Ferguson: Just says loading, loading, loading and doesn't have ever go anywhere and eventually I get an error. So what I want to do is just visit this cool little service right through the web browser and you know when this happens you can say, okay, well is it down for everyone or just me? You want to know is this website actually down, because everytime I talk to Alan he says no my websites working just fine. Carrie Webb: Yeah, so. Robbie Ferguson: No it's not. But he assures me this, so let's find out. So we are going to go downforeveryoneorjustme Carrie Webb: No way. Robbie Ferguson: .com. It's going to give you this really, really straight forward simple little thing is, down for everyone or just me? Carrie Webb: That is about the easiest thing I have ever seen. Robbie Ferguson: It's just you, ah it's just me, is up. Carrie Webb: All right. Robbie Ferguson: And that's when I call my ISP and I say hey. Carrie Webb: Get Popey, start. Robbie Ferguson: I want, want to see what this guy has to say about my show, everytime I Google I see coming up. I'm just playing, well yeah that's a used for -- Carrie Webb: Okay, so -- Robbie Ferguson: Carrie Webb: I like it, I'm going to use it for sure. Robbie Ferguson: It's long but you'll actually remember it, you'll find that you actually remember it. Cool Carrie Webb: That's good to know so it is your -- Robbie Ferguson: Robbie's favorites. Ohh.