How to Find Music You and Your Children Like
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Kids and parents different on the style of music they like. In this episode of The Lab, the dads ask if there is cool music that children and parents can tolerate. Daddy Brad travels to the ABC Toy Expo and finds a CD from Putumayo that may do the trick.


Clyde: To be a young man in America is to live life with a sound track. Brad: Music is a key part of almost every young male American’s life. Clyde: And you feel young whenever you can roll the windows and crank the tunes. Brad: So how in the world did you end up rolling down the highway in your minivan with purple dinosaur music dribbling out of the speakers? Clyde: I'm daddy Clyde. Brad: And I'm daddy Brad, we're here today to talk about kids and music. Clyde: Now guy’s sound track takes a first hit when you get married. Because suddenly her Shania Twain CDs are mixed with your Wilco. But you can manage as long as you kind of control the playlist, you can handle it. Brad: But then the kids come along. And before you know it, if you're not careful, your sonic world can be turned upside down. So here at the Dad Labs, we think you need to establish a musical ground rules right away. Clyde: Now, I should probably disclose that I'm not a big fan of the kiddy music. I don’t really care for. But I realize that kids have a hard time singing along with my James McMurtry CDs. Then need some music that they can relate to. My rule is this, kids music comes out of kids players, like this one. And daddy music comes out of the daddy players. And that includes the one in the car. Brad: Now, a quick note about kiddie players. They're relatively inexpensive. This one cost about 25 bucks, but they go through batteries like poop through a goose. Clyde: I've noticed that most of them have prominent eject button that the kids just love to hit in the middle of your sing along. So when we're having a little concert, I like to put the player just out of reach of little fingers. Brad: I admit, in our house, we listen to a little more kid’s music than daddy Clyde. Now, I even enjoy some of the hip kids artists today like Lorrie Bartner and Dan Zanes. But the thing I really dig is one of my favorite artist like Taj Mahal or Keb’ mo’ puts out a kid’s CD. Clyde: I think we finally found a compromise between our views on music in kids here. We discovered that at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas. Brad: Daddy Troy, roll that Vegas tape baby. There's a big debate going on at the Dad Labs, do you listen to kids music with your kids and suffer through purple dinosaur over and over and over again? Or do you make them listen to your music? Well, the folks at Putumayo Kids Music can solve that. These are great CDs. They’ve got wonderful cool artists, and its music that your kids will like as well. We're here with Mona Kahan of Putumayo Kids Music. Mona, tell us about these CDs. Mona: Well, our CDs are, they focus on introducing children and families to music from all around the world. And introduce children and families to cultures also through like accidentally having them really attracted to this upbeat fun world and focus music. And they're compilation base, so you got a mix, well known and unknown artists all in one CD which is really great. So people can get to know a bunch of different people and artists. Brad: This one is New Orleans Playground. This got great people, Clifton Chenier, The Meters, Kermit Ruffins, Fats Domino, and I hear that some of this goes to help? Mona: The Louisiana Children’s Museum. So 1% of all of our proceeds for very single children’s album and Putumayo Music album goes to a non-profit or charity of our choice. And this one, because the museum in New Orleans had gone through some devastation in the hurricane, we decided it would a great fit for this album. Brad: That’s great. Well thank you so much, Mona. Putumayo Kids Music, great music for you and great music for your kids. If you like to find out more about all the great music at Putumayo kids, there's a link to their site on the resources page. Clyde: Now I got an 8 year old, he's already got an iPod Shuffle that’s full of music from a genre that I'm not crazy about, but I would never say anything. Brad: Yeah, that seals the deal. Clyde: I remember I used to hate the Willie Nelson that my dad played all the time. But now, I've gotten kind of a soft spot for the old red headed stranger. Brad: So it’s really important for you to give kids music that’s easily accessible to them. Stuff that they feel comfortable with. What is most important for you to fill your house with music that you and your wife love. Clyde: Maybe they’ll come back to us someday. The sound track of their childhood. Brad: Next time you find yourself cruising down the highway in your minivan, crank up the tunes baby.