How to Find Affordable Health Insurance for Young Adults
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Learn how to find affordable health insurance for young adults in this video with Bob Hurley from eHealth Insurance.


Is it possible for young adults to find affordable health insurance? Bob Hurley: This young invincible age group is uniquely positioned to get very affordable health insurance. Most often, they don't have any health conditions that have established themselves. When folks get to their 40's and 50's they often have some kind of condition and then it becomes more complicated to get health insurance. When you are in your 20's, you are a young and invincible, you typically don't have any health conditions and so if the health questionnaire piece of your health insurance is going to go very quickly because you simply don't have any conditions. The other thing that's great about this age group is because you are young and typically utilize less care than some of the folks that are in the older age groups. The health insurance is very affordable. You can typically find a policy in most cities around the country for somewhere around $50.00, $60.00, $70.00 a month and that's going to cover, give you access to see a doctor, certainly to have your hospital stays covered and then finally, it will get you access to pharmacy benefits which can be important to keep you healthy so that you can get access to the medicines that are going to get you over that bronchitis or that nasty cold you get. So, young invincibles are in a great position to be able to have access to coverage at a very affordable price.