How to Find a Graves' Disease Expert in your Area
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Nancy shares how a woman can find a Graves' disease expert in her area.


The good news is there are many. The bad news there may not be one in your area and so to trust me, it’s worth it to make the trip. The way I do it when people call our foundation is I go—first I go to the ATA website because they are all clinical thyroidologist. And I tried—and you search that by state. And there are states that, I’m sorry we don’t any there. So you’d look at surrounding states. The AACE group, they select what they like to do, you know what they focused on and so you can type in thyroid disorders I think is what you type in and you get people that do a lot of thyroid. There are more of them than they are of the ATA absolute specialist. But if you live in a place where there’s no one, it’s well-worth the time and the money to go, even if you have to go out of state and get the information you need and the treatment/plans you need. Doctors are good people. The expert will contact your doctor who’s going to be to your continuing care person and say, “This would be the plan of care for her.” And usually this doctor is very grateful for that expert knowledge and somebody that he can call if there’s a problem but sometimes there’s no specialist and sometimes I will call somebody that I know and say, “Do you know anybody in the middle of Kansas?” And they do. Someone says, a general practice but he’s real good at thyroid because we went to school together. There is a network.