How to Feed a Premature Baby
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Baby, Gabrielle Morgan was born 14 weeks early. Her mother Brenda and NICU nurse, Jennifer Lenox begin bottlefeeding after weeks feeding her through a tube.


Jennifer Lenox: Gabrielle is just learning to suck from a bottle, so we hope that she would be completely taking all of her nutrition from the bottle before we send her home. Brenda Morgan: She was 14 weeks early and she was two pounds, right around two ounces, fourteen inches long. Being that early, she had to be intubated for breathing. They give them surfactant for the lungs. She gets feds through the tube in her nose. We try bottle feed today and then we'll continue to work on that. And then, our goal now at this point is to get her fat, heavier and out the door. Jennifer Lenox: She has a good suck, so she usually takes the nipple and sucks well. What she needs is some support given under her chin just to help her form a seal around the nipple and also frequent breaks, so she remembers to swallow what she sucks from the nipple and not just have it roll out of her mouth. She's got half of it down, she isn't really swallowing yet but that's okay we just keep practicing with her. Brenda Morgan: I think it was scary. I mean, you're having a wonderful pregnancy. The next thing she is here and just like that. We didn't expect it and you're very nervous and it is scary but you get through it. You do what you have to do for them. That's why I say here everyday, you have to do what we have to do to get them better and to get them well.