How to Exercise with Rubber Tubing
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If you cannot make it to the gym, Better fitness expert Andrea Metcalf shows how a little bit of rubber tubing goes a long way.


Speaker: Well, if you can't make it to the gym, Better's Fitness Expert, Andrea Metcalf shows how a little bit of rubber tubing goes a long way in today getting fit. Andrea Metcalf: Alright, if you want to work on that lower body but you don't have a lot of equipment, you know there is squats, and there is lunges, but if you pull out a piece of resistance tubing, I have got some exercises that will really tone those legs and thighs. The first exercise is going to be an outside leg kick. So you're going to securely on the tubing, take the other leg out to the side, go ahead and bring those handles up to 90 degrees to get the biceps working and press out and lean. Not only does this work the base leg glute, but the outer thigh on that moving leg as well. I want you to do about 3 sets of 20. Come on I know you can, on each leg, working for that posture. If you want to make the movement a little bit harder, reach those arms out and really drive the motion, not only to the biceps, put your shoulders and your core. You whole lower body is going to feel this. The next exercise is going to be a kick back. Now you want to again step on that tubing. But this time, you want to put your toe up, hands at your hip and push back. This is a great exercise and hip extensions for the glute and the hamstring as well as that stationary leg. If you want to make it a little harder, reach around about to a T and get the shoulders involved as well. Anytime we work the shoulders and the lower body, we are connected to the cores. You are going to feel some on your abs as well. Last exercise for that lower body is going to be very easy. Take your tube out in front, bend the knees down and now lift the heels. And we are going to work on this stationary position and now pull the tubing across, connecting again that upper and lower body. Small pulses about 20 in a set, three set. In fact all these exercises need to be done on the right and left side, three sets of 20. That's going to give you a way to build a better bottom line and connect the core.