How to Enjoy the Gift of Giving
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This holiday season, keep the joy and lose the stress with the growing trend of buying charitable gifts in the names of friends and family.


Bea Broda: Kaylan Shearer love the holidays. But she has realized in the last few years, that gift giving experience is leaving her frustrated. Kaylan Shearer: I go to the malls and I hear the happy Christmas music playing and I look around and all I see are grim faces. People just don't look happy, they don't look like they want to be there. The store clerks are stressed, the line ups are long and people get pushy and I really don't think that's what the season is about. Bea Broda: Kaylan has found a better way. She has heard that charitable gift catalogs are a growing trend, like this one on the website of the Christian Children's Fund of Canada. Kaylan Shearer: I love that the gift catalog has items that are of actual value to people in need. For example, this year for Christmas, instead of buying my little brother another sweater or something that he won't really use, I bought chickens for a family in Nicaragua and that's a really great gift for them because it allows them to become self-sustaining and sell the eggs as a source of income. And I know he'll be thrilled to get a gift card saying I've done that in his name, instead of something useless. Bea Broda: The use of this type of gift catalog is very popular as Canadians look for a meaningful Christmas gifts that make a difference and are remembered by loved ones. Bruce Herzog, is CEO of Christian Children's Fund of Canada. Bruce Herzog: This catalog is a wonderful opportunity for Canadians to give meaningful gifts this Christmas. If you are thinking of somebody that's hard to buy for or you might think has everything, this catalog has a number of items that you could give to a family in the developing world. And you as a donor, receive a tax receipt. It's an easy process to follow and it's a win win situation for all. Bea Broda: Buying through the gift catalog is also a great way to teach kids about being generous in the season of getting. Nine-year-old Mitchell Froom is picking out a gift for a child of his age. Mitchell Froom: In Canada, lots of kids are very lucky. In some other countries they are not very lucky. I saved enough money to buy a soccer ball for a kid in Paraguay. Now he can play soccer like me. Kaylan Shearer: Using the gift catalog really does put meaning back into the season. It's a way to reach out at this time of year, but it's also comfort to know that the gifts will be used long after the season is over. Bea Broda: To have a look at the online gift catalog, visit Bea Broda reporting.