How to Edit Startup Applications in Windows Vista
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Tech advice and tips: in this video, you will learn how to edit startup applications in Windows Vista.


Welcome to PCWizKid tip number nine, defend your self. The avenue Windows applications that are starting up and you wanted to remove them let’s go ahead and do that click on the start button then in the search field type defender and then hit enter. Up comes Windows Defender, on the top click on tools after you do that, click on software explorer. Then on the next screen, you’ll be able to select one of the startup programs that you want to remove, for example. And I will select my Logictech quick cam for example and then, I will click on the remove button. Now it’s gone, after I confirm and click yes and it will no longer start. Actually, I could have just selected disable instead of removing it. So if you want to disable it just click on disable, after you're done, close this windows and then the next time you restart your computer, no more start up acts, enjoy.