How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy
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In this video we will discuss eating healthy by avoiding trans fats, or hydrogenated fats in your diet so you and your baby may be healthier.


For a pregnant woman, during the second and third trimesters at least 70 spoons of healthy oil should be your target. A 70 teaspoons of olive oil for example contain about 32 grams of fat and 280 calories. Unless you think you actually need to drink the oil like cough medicine, you should have had oil’s recipes like salads and consume it in prepared foods. The fat you need to limit are the saturated and Trans fats. You can remember that the not so healthy saturated fat is generally solid at room temperature like butter, lard and shortening. Trans fats are primarily the wonders of foods science, although they can be found naturally in some animal base products. Food scientist figure out how to increase the shelve life of products by manipulating natural chemical bonds. Unfortunately, these manipulations know as hydrogenation is damaging to our health, pregnant or not, mainly, because our bodies do not know how to process this manmade chemicals. By law, food manufacturers must include the Trans fat information on the nutrition fax panel. As you begin to read more nutrition fax panels and ingredients lists, you may discover that a product contain 0 trans fats but least personally hydrogenated oil in the ingredients list. What is the about? Well, per serving if there is less than half of gram of Trans fat, manufacturers can legally put 0. How many people just stop it one serving? Exactly, you may think you are not consuming any Trans fats but you actually are. If you find the word hydrogenated in the ingredients list, put the product down and step away from the shelves. Look for a comfortable and hydrogenation for your product. Instead of eating primary saturated in Trans fats, I want you to enjoy unsaturated fats. Thus three liquid at room temperature such as Camille oil and olive oil among others. Keep in mind that some foods like nut and avocadoes are naturally high in oils and should be part of your healthy diet. Well, except for peanuts, but more learn about that later.