How to Eat Healthliy at Home
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Learn how you can eat at home healthy food by filling your fridge and storage cabinets with simple food ingredients.


With the few basic tools and staples you can nip up simple, tasty and nutritious meals at the moment notice. For tools forget about those fancy cooking catalogs, all you need are the couple of sharp knives, a cutting board, a mixing bowl and two or three basic pots and pans. Stock your shelves with versatile edibles like rice and pasta, oatmeal and cereals, cinnamons and spices, oils and vinegars and you will be amaze at the variety of dishes they’ll produce. Boost your vitamin and mineral intake by stocking super healthy food like berries, olives, tomatoes, avocados, garlic and unions they pack more nutrition for bite and add distinctive natural flavors to your meals. Simple tools and basic ingredients, track down a few basic recipes and you may discovered that eating at home is one of lives greatest pleasure. Hard to believe this is healthy.