How to Dress Like the Guys in Gossip Girl
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Everyone is always looking to the girls on Gossip Girl for fashion advice but here we discover that the guys are just as stylish.


How to Dress Like the Guys in Gossip Girl Veronica: The fashion and style of Gossip Girl’s leading gentlemen are still the talk of the town. Hi I’m Veronica with and today we’re teaming up with Banana Republic to get the looks of the dreamy gents Nate, Chuck and Dan. Dan Jeffrey Spivock: (Banana Republic) So this is a great downtown options it has got a great scarf, some military touches on the jacket that look like you could have bought it in a vintage store or something that you’ve had for a really, really long time. Of course you pair it with a great pair of denim and some sneakers and throw in a messenger bag to carry your books from college classes. Chuck This is a very polished look, very much from the Upper East Side. It’s really classic sartorial element. The perfect suite that details like the watch pocket but then we play and we add some really fashion forward idea as bright pocket square of both tie and some different colors that wouldn’t necessarily think of putting together for a look that’s really fashion forward but also says your in charge. Nate So this is definitely a similar type look but a little bit more athletic, a little bit more preppie. We have great elements like the club tie and the stripe shirt but we throw on a really comfortable sweater, Classic Chino is of course our important part of any urban look and then of course you have a blazer which you can wear if had the get dressed offer of getting into a private member’s club but you can take off if you just want to roam the city and meet up with your friends.