How to Do the Upward Facing Two-Foot Staff Pose
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If you have the Wheel down try this pose, that has a mouthful of a name, for a deep backbend and shoulder opening galore.


Female: That has been taken cared of as well. There’s Day Care offered for all of the morning classes. My own daughter comes to it and is very well looked after, has a wonderful time. Well, the parents can come in and spend time with themselves. Meriel Bradley: Isn’t it expensive? Female: Very reasonable. The cost here at the studio is quite a bit less than other studios and part of that is to again offer it to people who perhaps for whatever reason mentally, physically, or financially may feel intimidated to go to other places. They want to welcome people in to come and try it and experience the wonderful the benefits of it. Meriel Bradley: And I know that I can try my first class for free, is that correct? Female: Yes, that’s exactly right. Your first class is for free and there’s also variety of styles that are taught here so for people they come and try one style and then perhaps try another style to see which is appropriate for their body. Meriel Bradley: Definitely something to try. Female: Absolutely. Meriel Bradley: Thank you for the information and if you want more information, you can go to I’m Meriel Bradley. We’ve been finding out about hot yoga and you’ve been watching Daily WebTV.