How to Do the Baby Arm from Twister Side Control
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Learn how to do Baby Arm from Twister Side Control


Submissions101, I am going to demonstrate how to do the Baby arm from the twister side control position and the baby arm is basically a armbar from the twister side control. So, perfect side control push, swing in and then switch here. I am in twister side control. Now Dan has made the mistake. He is trying to -- a lot of people will do this, they will put the arm underneath or between the legs here, because he is trying to grip, trying to grip -- grab or whatever. What I will do is, I will be here, I'll see it, I immediately grab onto his hand and I will hold it up, want to get the elbow up as far as possible and then I will swing his leg back and try and move my legs together. I am going to have that in nice and tight. Now from there, it's going to switch and I am going to take my ear and I am going to put it towards his hip and push down to go for the armbar. The mistake that people will make when they go for the baby arm is they try to do this or they are trying to push from this position. You don't, you grab on in tight, ear hugging his hip, pushing down. Push, again, one, two, swing, up, now don't pull too hard, because I don't want to dump myself on the ground. So what I do is I am here just lift my hips, close, hugging ear to his hip, pushing up. So put your side control from here, there it is, up. Now, as you can see I am trying to get his elbows close to the inside of my knee as possible when I triangle, change and down. It's a very effective armbar that can generate a lot of force from hip. Sometimes though, you have guys who are over flexible and you will be like this and you are trying to work everything and their hand actually will hit the mat because of that flexibility. You just happen to adjust and you might have to just start rotating for different positions, you turn in to go for a twist drive, and go for the triangle from there, which is a different video, but just some options, but that's the baby arm from twister side control.