How to Do Kegel Exercises in Baby and Me Yoga
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Angela shows how to do a basic yoga routine with your baby, including how to do kegel exercises


Hi, my name is Angela Cerkevich and I’m a yoga instructor with Yoga Tales in Bethesda, Maryland, and this is how to do yoga with your baby. Right now, were going to learn how to squat under your Kegel exercises with your baby. So, you might need a blanket to squat. You want to have your feet a little wider than hip distance apart. Knees pretty wide, knees are bending over the second and third toe. Hang on to your baby. Now, for a lot of us this is difficult and our heels want to come up. So, if that’s a case for you, you’re going to take your blanket and place it underneath your heels, like so. Now, were ready. You can take your baby and let your baby face you, making eye contact as you do this. Take your elbows into your knees, gently press your knees apart and let that lengthen your spine long and tall. Now, as you’re looking down at your baby, you’re going to begin to Kegel. So, were lifting the perineum and a little bit of piriformis as well. These are the muscles that you use to stop going to the bathroom, or to hold it, if you really got to go when there is no toilet available. So, were going to do that 10 times with the breath. So, inhale hold, release, exhale, inhale, hold, release, exhale. Let’s do it a little bit faster. Hold, release, hold, release, hold, release, hold, release, hold, release three more, let’s slow it down inhale, hold, exhale and release. Two more times, inhale, hold, lift that spine long release exhale. One more inhale, hold, release, exhale. Great. Now, we are going to do sun salutations.